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  • 自然禪系列之穿越秘境的旅行——綠地香港·滇池國際健康城

    2021-05-10 09:57:15         來源:致社路景觀     瀏覽次數:




    Why have you been living in the cabin on the shore of Walden Lake?

    ''I am observing the four seasons''



      "Five hundred miles of Dianchi Lake, rushing to the eyes, draped over the banks of the lake, and the joy is boundless." The swaying weeping willows, the water plants and the reeds all around the Dianchi Lake, and the emerald green birds and a few brilliant red clouds dotted between them allow people to face the world and nature in the most original way, and to be aware of their inner joy. Here, where you live is also where you start your journey of wellness.


      Greenland·Dianchi International Health City is built adjacent to Dianchi Lake, close to Kunming Wetland Park-Laoyuhe Park, surrounded by willows, accompanied by lake scenery, spring warblers and grass grow, full of vitality; in autumn, trees are lush, and grasses are luxuriant. In this project, we earnestly studied the functional demands of the healthy lifestyle in the community and reflected them in the details of the spatial layout, traffic passage composition, etc., to create a journey through the secret land and a health-preserving community of mood, scenery, tea and wine.



      The beginning of ritual

      Start a journey through the secret land




      As the starting point of the journey through the secret land, we use the exquisite grille facade as the beginning of the ritual travel. Here, people can temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enter a shelter where they can truly enjoy quietness and listen to nature. The quietness here is not just boring quietness, but is rhythmical and fulfilling.




      Passing by, we sense the gentle breeze, the leaves of ginkgo, the fresh green of the zelkova, with the verdant moisture. The jagged clusters of bushes are narrating the change of the natural seasons.



      A journey in the secret land of flowers, grass and trees.

      Seeing the fine and healthy life by the Dianchi Lake.



      In the journey of secret land community construction, we try to blend materials, emotions and spiritual life with each other, so that the space has more natural and spiritual forces.

      Here, children can play and frolic on the sunny lawn, old people can chitchat and enjoy the coolness in the garden, and friends can converse on the tree-lined trail in summer night.






      The broad sunny lawn gently carries people's leisure time and embraces people's body and mind. How the light and shadow change when they fall on the lawn, the crawling tracks of insects, the new branches and buds of plants and flowers...These details of life have emerged in the secret land, and the distance between people and the earth has been shortened exponentially. Life has also become three-dimensional and vivid.






      The broad sunny lawn gently carries people's leisure time and embraces people's body and mind. How the light and shadow change when they fall on the lawn, the crawling tracks of insects, the new branches and buds of plants and flowers...These details of life have emerged in the secret land, and the distance between people and the earth has been shortened exponentially. Life has also become three-dimensional and vivid.





      在廊下長椅閑坐獨處,感受清風拂面;與鄰里好友相約下午茶、縱情暢談;攜寵物相伴而行,享受愜意時光;不論是獨處還是歡聚, 不同人群的社交需求都可以在這里得到滿足。這里既是適宜獨處、安放自我的空間,也是與周遭人事產生親密連接的場域。

      Sit alone on the benches under the corridor and feel the breeze; make afternoon tea and indulge in conversation with friends in the neighborhood; walk with pets and enjoy a comfortable time; whether it is alone time or shared time, the social needs of different groups of people can be equally met here . This is a suitable space for being alone and putting oneself in, as well as a place for intimate connection with the people around you.





      Walk quietly in the garden, the fragrance of flowers in the air makes people immersed in the entire natural ecological space. Among the flowers and grass, the enjoyment of beauty is harvested.





    Naturally grown plants form a vibrant space under the forest, where everything grows and thrives. Here, people can associate with grass and trees, integrate their feelings for nature into their lives, and create their own way of life.






      The end of the secret journey,

      Continues the beautiful life by the Dianchi Lake




      Illusory life is full of flavors, and the scenery is circulating in the four seasons.

      Following the opening of the Greenland·Dianchi International Health City exhibition area in 2017, the neighborhood area will be delivered in 2020.

      The tonality of the community continues the temperament of the display area, and the peacocks with auspicious and beautiful meanings of good luck and long life are rooted in the community scene.Let this beauty continue.











    ——馮唐 《我心目中理想的房子》

    There should be a big yard, trees, preferably fruit trees or flower trees.

    Set up a table under the tree in the days when they bloom, and watch the flowers in the wind,

    Moving in the curtain of the night with moonlight;

    There must be a scene, with mountains and sea and watching different clouds every day.

    Or collapsing in a chair reading a book, lulled to sleep by books, awaken by the sunset.

    --Feng Tang's "My Ideal House"



      Compared with the busy and hustle and bustle of city life, the life by the Dianchi Lake is simple and genuine, which makes people return to a quiet and contemplative life. People are, in the meantime, watching the mountains and gazing the moon, admiring flowers and listening to the rain, and they have also become a part of nature, living a stable and fulfilling life.

      In this project, we try to remove the traces of design, highlighting the healing nature and the inclusiveness of the place itself. The project is hidden in nature and integrated into life. This community, constructed by space and nature, nourishes emotions and infiltrates spirits, arousing resonance and condensing an identity.

      項目信息丨Project File








      Project Name: Greenland Hong Kong·Dianchi International Health City

      Project address: Kunming,Yunnan

      Design area: 56,855 ㎡

      Developer: Greenland Hong Kong

      Design unit: Shanghai Zhishelu Landscape Design Co., Ltd.

      Photographer: Lin Lu

      Producer: Sheluge Culture
















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